Triple River Crossfit – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 rounds

run 200M

10 airsquats (pause 3 sec at bottom)

run 200M

10 pushups

20 mt climbers 10 spiderman, 10 dynamic

20 leg swings on rig 10,10



2min max reps KB snatch

rest 2 min

2min max reps American KB swing


Metcon (Time)

50 KBSnatch

50 KBS (russian)

50 goblet squats


After Bash

Tail Pipe (Time)

With a partner

3 rounds (each)

Row 250m

While ‘P’ holds double 53/35 kb in front rack position.
8min cap

Linear Progression Strength Program

11-13 YostStrong Strength Protocol

This is a list of strength work that needs to be completed from weeks 11-13 of the “YostStrong Strength Protocol”. You should have started week 1 @ 75% of your 1rm on all lifts. Add 5# to back squat, 10# to deadlift and 2.5# to presses each week ALL the way through the 16 week program. It is not relevant what days you do this work. However, try to stay on task by doing this every week and adding the weight as you go. LEAVE NO DOUBT on squat depth and all other range of motion.

6×2 backsquat

6×2 bench press

6×2 front squat

6×2 strict press

6×2 deadlift

3×10 strict pull-ups (once you have hit 3×10 add 10% of bw. Keep adding once 3x10s are achived).

5×3 Rope climbs (3 minute rest between sets)