Triple River Crossfit – CrossFit

20s n 40s (No Measure)

20 Reps of

pvc pass throughs

pvc good mornings

wall squats



eagle/scorpion (10,10)

40 Yards of


high knees

squat shuffle

3/4 sprint

Kirby’s Bday WOD (Distance)

With a partner

Carry a ball as far as possible in 25min 100/75

Rx+ carry stone 135/75

*Try to start and leave stones by the outdoor rig.

The Kirby pure grit WOD (Time)

**Open Gym only

5 rounds on a running clock

Sled push down and back on the turf 290/200

Every time you get back accumulate a double front rack KB for 1minute. 53/35