Triple River Crossfit – CrossFit

Kerry’s Warm Up (No Measure)

400M Jog

then 2 rounds

20 PVC pass throughs

10 deep squat to hamstring stretch

10 each lateral jumps


40 yd lunge with twist

4 X 10 yd forward jog/ 5 yd backward jog

🔻 Bermuda Triangle 2.0🔻 (3 Rounds for reps)

10min Echo Bike

Immediately into

10min Row

Immediately into

10min C2 Bike
Score total reps.

Take your previous score on the original B🔺 times it by 10 and add 10 cal.

Example: If my previous B🔺 score was 30 I would take 30×10=300+10 so my goal for this workout is 310 cal total.

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